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instruments and principles of action

objetivos estratégicos

instruments and principles of action

InC2 shall be implemented by a set of key instruments:

- Circular Cities Networks

Partnerships between Portuguese municipalities and other institutions oriented towards local action planning for the circular economy with a focus on priority themes defined and established in the following action principles:

  • More competencies of local policymakers and technical bodies in the circular economy and integrated approaches to urban development;
  • More participation of citizens, urban actors and local communities in urban development and in the transition to the circular economy;
  • More integration of the transition to the circular economy in strategies and actions for territorial and urban development.


- Multi-level platforms

Multi-level and multi-sectoral institutional dialogue around the needs, constraints and opportunities for the urban circular economy, structured by the following principles of action:

  • Better knowledge;
  • Better financing;
  • Better legislation.


- Communication network

Collaboration between actors of the circular economy promoted by a national contact point for the communication of news and dissemination of results around InC2 and the circular economy in cities

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