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The Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, through the Directorate-General for Territory, promotes the 'National Circular Cities Initiative' (InC2), with the aim of supporting and empowering municipalities and their communities in the transition to the circular economy. InC2 aims to promote sustainable urban development and pursues a number of public policy goals:

●    Enhance the sharing, transfer and capitalisation of knowledge between cities on the circular economy and sustainable urban development;
●    Improve present and future conditions of access for municipalities and their communities to European and national funding for sustainable urban development and the circular economy;
●    Improve the design and implementation of national policies for the circular economy in urban areas by strengthening multi-level and multi-sectoral cooperation and capitalising on local results;
●    Support municipalities and their communities in action planning for the circular economy through territorially based integrated and participatory approaches;
●    Improve the conditions for the development of innovative urban actions within the circular economy.


InC2 assumes itself as an instrument for implementing national strategic benchmarks:

Action Plan for the
Circular Economy in Portugal

RCM No. 190- A/2017 of 23 November
InC2 implements the "Circular Cities Network", one of the four major themes of regional and national convergence
National Programme of Spatial Planning Policy
Law No. 99/2019 of 5 September
InC2 contributes to Measures 3.11. Organising the Territory for the Circular Economy, 5.6. and 5.7. governance territorial integration
Cities 2020 Strategy
RCM No. 61/2015 of 16 July
InC2 contributes to the implementation of the network of sustainable cities and axes 2 - Sustainability and Efficiency and 4 - Territorialisation and Governance


InC2 is aligned and should contribute to the achievement of the objectives of other national strategies for sustainable development and territorial cohesion, with particular emphasis on the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change, the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality, the National Programme for Territorial Cohesion and the New Generation of Housing Policies.

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