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management and governance

The Directorate-General for Territory (DGT) is responsible for the management of InC2, within the framework of the Protocol with the Environmental Fund.

For the operationalisation of InC2 a governance structure is set up, governed by the general principles of multi-level governance, participation, transparency, accountability, proportionality and segregation of functions between analysis, decision, payment, certification and control, and made up of the following bodies:

  • Managing Authority
    InC2's executive body. It is provided by the Directorate-General for Territory and its mission is the management, implementation and monitoring of InC2, according to the objectives and results defined in the Programme and the Monitoring Committee.


  • Technical Secretariat
    Operational body. Based in the DGT, it provides administrative, technical and legal support to the implementation of the initiative, namely to the exercise of the competencies of the Managing Authority 


  • Monitoring Committee
    InC2's advisory body. It comprises public administration entities with competencies in territorial and urban development and circular economy, operating with an extended or restricted composition, according to the matters to be dealt with. It is chaired by the Managing Authority and composed of:

    1. One representative appointed by each of the regional governments of the Azores and Madeira;
    2. One representative appointed by each of the regional coordination and development committees;
    3. One representative appointed by each of the metropolitan areas, inter-municipal communities and associations of municipalities of the autonomous regions;
    4. One representative appointed by the National Association of Municipalities (ANMP);
    5. Other national or international entities and experts, economic and social partners or relevant civil society organisations, under the proposal from the Managing Authority of InC2, according to the matters to be dealt with.


  • Certification and Payment Authorities
    Certification and financial implementation bodies of InC2. The Certification and Payment Authority functions are ensured by the lead beneficiaries of the Circular Cities Networks and by the DGT, respectively.


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